Houston lawn care tips
Houston lawn care tips


As the peak heat of the season rolls in, it is essential to take care of the lawn and ensure it stays healthy to maintain its appearance and deep green we all work hard for. The rising temperature and lack of rainfall during this part of the year can damage the grass if the lawn is not maintained properly. A well-maintained lawn will increase your home’s value by adding curb appeal. Apart from upholding the beauty a nice lawn provides, maintaining a healthy lawn helps reduce erosion issues on your property. 

To assist you with the challenges you might face during the scorching heat and keep your lawn looking best here are some tips that will help you maintain your lawn.

Watering the grass
Watering the grass

Water Wisely

We have found watering the grass early in the morning to be the best time to water your lawn. When you water early, the water is less likely to evaporate before getting absorbed by the grass as the temperature in the morning is at its coolest and the sun won’t be fully up until a few hours after it’s had a window to absorb the water.

Some benefits of watering the lawn early in the mornings are, minimizes evaporation, saves you money on your water bill and ensures deep root hydration. This process helps the grass’s roots to grow deep, leading to stronger and healthier plants. It also helps in reducing the growth of fungi and other diseases.

Mow High

During the scorching heat, the cutting height of the lawnmower is recommended to be around 3 to 3.5 inches. The longer grass blades will shade the soil and roots, preserving moisture, ensuring the roots grow deep. Taller grass also withstands drought and heat waves better than shorter grass which dries out rapidly, eventually turning dry and brown.

Some taller grass benefits are shades of the soil, reduces water loss, and protects roots. Taller grass also has a benefit for anchoring the soil with its roots, minimizing erosion issues.

Houston lawn care tips
Houston lawn care tips

Fertilize Smartly

Fertilizers, especially liquid ones, hurt the lawn during extreme heat as the grasses start growing rapidly. The scorching heat leads to more water requirements and with the increase of fertilizer they will absorb moisture from grasses resulting in them dying, wilt or being yellow.

Slow-release fertilizers for lawns are recommended as the fertilizers gradually break down the nitrogen by microorganisms and take only three to ten weeks to improve your lawn. Some Benefits of slow-release fertilizers are: they provide consistent nutrients, avoid rapid growth on the lawn and promote uniform growth in grass reducing the risk of diseases.

Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn helps improve the process of absorption of water and minerals. It also helps in the better growth of roots. Aerating the lawn once a year will assist you during extreme weather conditions. Some Aerating lawn benefits are decompaction, improving soil aeration, enhancing water and nutrient absorption, and increasing resilience.

This also benefits if further combined with overseeding. This process will help you enhance the beauty of the lawn, providing more shade for your soil, reducing the water runoff and puddling, enhancing the heat and drought tolerance, and improving the curb appeal of your property.

Mulch Clippings

Mulching grass clippings instead of bagging improves the soil moisture and guards the root from extreme heat. Moreover, the clipping breaks down, enriching the nutrient content of the soil. This is essential as leaving the clippings on the ground can lead to suffocation of the lawn leading to thinning and in severe cases even bare spots.

Recycling the clippings back to your lawn acts as a natural fertilizer and reduces the need for additional nitrogen fertilizers. This not only saves you time and money from fertilizing but also helps maintain a consistency of color and health for your lawn. (Clippings act as natural mulch by retaining moisture, returning nutrients to the soil and reducing the need for natural fertilizers)

Avoiding mowing

During the highs of the day, it is best to avoid mowing, especially during the hottest time of the season which here in Houston is in summer. Mowing and foot traffic when combined with the heatwave stresses the grass and can lead to severe damage. However, if you have to mow during the heat of the day once in a while, it’s ok. Typically, we recommend you try to avoid it and instead, you should try mowing in the early morning or late in the evening when the temperatures are lower and cooler.

Again, you should minimize mowing the grass short, especially while experiencing the hottest and driest conditions – the longer grass blades can protect the grass roots from drying and ensure hydration. 

Some other methods of caring for your lawn in the scorching heat are:

  • Watering properly 

During the scorching heat of the summer, your lawn requires more attention and water to maintain its lush appearance. Watering properly is essential to keep your grass healthy in the case we face scorching heat waves and dry spells. It can withstand it to some degree and bounce back effectively if maintained correctly. Don’t water your lawn every day. Water your grass deeply and frequently to incentivize deep root growth, as roots will grow deep to find water, helping to stay healthy during dry periods we experience often here in Houston. An example: Water 2 to 3 times per week, deeply to where the soil is nice and moist, but not so much as to where your lawn is soaked and muddy. 

Treating for grubs 

If you face grub issues on your lawn you should control it in late spring or early summer. However, the best time for treating grubs is early summer when these pests cause damage. Grubs are often the cause of big irregular dead patches on your turf, which prevent the lawn from being healthy resulting in severe and costly damages to your lawn. Ideally, you should apply the grub control treatment before you see signs of damage. Preventative maintenance is best but if it’s already present, rest assured as with proper care and patience, nature’s way will be there to do the rest for you. If you are like me and are impatient – an instant fix would be to repair the area with sod. Keep an eye out for the next couple of blogs – where I will be writing about lawn repair and installation.

weather conditions
weather conditions in Houston lawn care tips
  • Checking the weather

Stay informed of the weather conditions in our area, as a born and raised Houstonian – we aren’t new to the fact we have crazy weather. Make sure you keep on top of this not only for your lawn and landscapes health, but also for your awareness and safety. If a heat wave is predicted, try taking steps to prepare the lawn by mowing early in the morning or late evenings. Not only will this be good for the lawn but also for you! Helping to escape the heat of the day and making the work more enjoyable. Also, remember to water deeply before the heat sets in, and try avoiding any unnecessary traffic on your turf areas, the grass is vulnerable during these harsh conditions and although moderate traffic stress wouldn’t severely damage it, it’s best to avoid walking on the lawn as much as possibly during these times in the season.

Treatments by time

Usage of herbicides or fertilizer can be risky if you are not a professional. Over application or under application can lead to inconsistent results. A trained and informed person would know to apply the required products in the right amounts to avoid any turf burn. Here at Evergreen, we promote natural ways of dealing with fertilization and weed control. Natural slow release fertilizers, aeration and topdressing are a few services we offer that are great for your lawn. Creating vigorous growth and healthy conditions for your lawn will pay you dividends by naturally battling and choking out of any pesky weeds. Manual removal may be used in combination if you’d like to go the extra mile however, over time these practices will result to a minimization of weeds and issues. However there are other options offered in the industry such as herbicide treatments, “selective” and “non selective” herbicides. I won’t take you deep into the weeds about it but there are products that if used correctly, can speed up the process dramatically and help improve your home’s curb appeal. A specialist might apply when the temperature is cooler making the herbicide more effective.

Houston lawn care tips for maintaining
Houston lawn care tips for maintaining


In conclusion, to maintain a lawn in Houston, it is crucial to stick to the basics I have shared to you in order to keep it healthy and vibrant. You can ensure by following the tips like watering wisely, mowing high, fertilizing, aerating the lawn and mulch clippings: you will have a positive change on your lawn – the deep green we all love to see!If you are looking for a convenient and professional way to deal with your lawn work, we are here for you – we provide top-notch quality and an excellent service experience. Feel free to visit us at Evergreen!

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